The Beacon

Libby is a freelance journalist who loves books. She discovers a handwritten journal written by Adelaide, a young woman living in the area in the 1920s. The more she reads, the more real Adelaide seems to her, especially once the young woman begins to show up in Libby's dreams.

With the help of Darren, owner of the Lighthouse Cafe, they do their best to unravel the clues in the diary and the dreams. When Darren's ex starts interfering, Libby sets off on her own to discover the answers she seeks.

But the ex is determined to make life hell, and her betrayals threaten everyone's happiness. Can Libby uncover Adelaide's secrets in time?


About Redwood Cove:

Redwood Cove is a fictional small town on the far Northern California coast. The area seems to draw spirited creative types who are more comfortable in nature than in big cities. The stories of Redwood Cove are contemporary fiction that includes romance with a slightly paranormal twist.