Halloween Special… The Costume Shop Short Stories

A couple of days ago I suddenly realized I had 3 7k short stories sitting on my hard drive waiting for some companions so I could publish them as a bundle.

Well since they are all Halloween-ish, I decided to go ahead and release them as shorts, and put them in Kindle Unlimited for those of you who are members.

They all revolve around a costume shop, where the proprietor has a special gift of being able to see auras and sense a person's true essence. And the costumes are speically manufactured to bring out more of the wearer's true self. 3

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From the Shop Owner:

Owning a Costume Shop may not be everyone's idea of the perfect business or the perfect life, but it suits me just fine. But then, my costumes aren't just for make believe. They're specially made with components that not only draw the perfect customer, but also release the true character of the person who is wearing the costume. A nice balance, I think. But then I'm also careful to make sure my customers are selecting a costume that suits them.

The Costume Shop stories are contemporary fiction that include romance and a bit of the paranormal.

Volume #1 – "Open For Business" – How one young man discovers what's really important to him, a young girl gets her wish, and two very different men finally get to be who they really are. This Short Story was originally published in the 13 Bites Volume 1 Anthology as "The Costume Shop".

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Volume #2 – "One True Love" – There's someone for everyone. And sometimes, if we're lucky, the fates step in to help. This Short Story  was originally published in the Summer Dreams (2014) anthology and appears here with some slight modifications.

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Volume #3 – "Opposites Attract" – Being willing to let go can sometimes bring you much more than you expect.

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