Mermaid is Free for 3 Days…

Pick up a copy of The Mermaid of Redwood Cove (Book 1) – free for the last time 8/17-19/13. Then it comes off of KDP select and goes into other venues…

Enter to win a free paperback of The Beacon (Book 2) at Goodreads – contest over soon.

The Shaman (Book 3) is scheduled for release in a few days. Not certain of the exact date, but it will likely be next weekend…

And now, I'm off to get ready for our anniversary holiday….

What Crystal Looks Like to Me

Crystal is a bit strong headed – she wants what she wants when she wants it. But that gets her into trouble. She doesn't always think things through….

This is how I imagined her in my mind as I was writing the story….


The Shaman of Redwood Cove

Story Synopsis:

Crystal thinks she's run away from her past. A past full of ruthless manipulation used to get what she wanted – regardless of the hurt she caused to those who loved her. Redwood Cove, with its beauty and serenity seems a perfect place to start over, and Crystal decides to settle in.

Then her past comes crashing down on her, causing her to seek the same solution she used before. But soon even that begins to spiral out of control, and she is visited by an ancient Shaman.

Will she follow the Shaman’s advice or end up in trouble again?