Mermaid Beach House …. Bandon OR

IMG_2598IMG_2596This is a drawing of the house we are staying in… Just some of the artwork here. It's lovely but very windy… We are a 5 minute walk from the beach and can see it from our bedroom window.

This book was waiting in the bedroom, but I have been too busy to read anything yet, including the proofs of my own book LOL.

The Mermaids are Coming….and Staying

Last night I watched a sci-fi-mentary about Mermaids that aired on Animal Planet (they are repeating tonight). I was really excited until I googled and discovered that it contains a lot of fictionalized content.  But it was interesting and it kind of fit in with my story.

Next week we will be heading up the Oregon coast with some friends we met in Mexico last year. They rented a house on the beach for a week and we are staying there with them…. Today I found out it's called The Mermaid!!  How fun is that? Here's a link if you want to see the house…

I'll be posting some pix. And, if you are a winner of a digital copy of the book, I'll be sending it to you from The Mermaid House on the Beach!!  The paperback winner(s) will have to wait until I get back home since i won't be taking the books with me.

Oh… and I just got notes back from my editor for The Beacon, so maybe I can squeeze in some time for that, too.



“The Mermaid” is Live!!

For the next 10 days you can get a copy of The Mermaid of Redwood Cove – Book One in the series – for only 99 cents. You can also still enter the Giveaway Contests on Goodreads (ends 6/19/13) and Facebook (ends 5/31/13). Help me celebrate!!


Proof Just Arrived!!

I just got my proof for The Mermaid in today's mail! And the Amazon Kindle version goes LIVE tomorrow!! 


Interesting that the color is so much lighter – and I'm almost tempted to make the book itself smaller…. but it feels just about right for reading, so….

Now to got through the proof and order the copies for the Giveaways – you ARE entered, aren't you?

An excerpt…. from The Mermaid of Redwood Cove

Today, an excerpt of the book … this is how Meaghan's story begins:

Tendrils of fog closed in around her. Stumbling down the path, the fog so thick, Meaghan couldn’t see more than a few inches in front of her face. There was no sense continuing – the only thing visible was the edge of the fog and the leaves of the bushes that grew alongside the trail.

Turning to go back up the hill, she felt a tingle rush up the back of her neck. Sensing a movement in the bushes, she stopped still. She could see nothing beyond the fog. She held her breath, tilting her head to listen intently.

Silence. Except for waves crashing against the rocks below and the distant sound of the sea lions calling their mates.

Then, in the background a low, moaning hum. Too far away to be recognizable, but an undercurrent of sweet, lilting, almost song-like quality filled her with longing. Who could be making music like this, all the way out here, and at this time of the morning?

Meaghan stood a moment longer, torn between heading back up the hill or continuing on to discover where the music was coming from. Curiosity overcame her and she turned back towards the beach. The pull of the music was even stronger, drawing her down the path.

She did her best to avoid tangling her feet in the roots or stumbling over the uneven ground, but the pull was getting stronger and it was difficult to keep her footing as her pace quickened and the sound drew her closer. At the bottom of the path, the bushes opened onto a small beach. Meaghan watched the fog part to expose a small strip of white sand about twenty feet long. Sharp black volcanic rocks had tumbled down on either end of the beach, making it nearly impossible to move further in either direction.

The music was still low and in the background. It seemed to be coming from the northern end, beyond the rocks. “Hello,” she called. Nothing. The music stopped for a moment. As she made her way towards that end of the beach, the sounds started up softly again.

Standing at the barrier of tumbled rocks, Meaghan’s breath caught in her throat. The music filled her heart with an overwhelming yearning. She looked at the rocks. Could she scramble over them? No. There was no place to put her feet. She felt a compelling need to get over the rocks. There was no other way to fulfill the yearning pull. The music was growing louder in her ears and beginning to pulse through her veins.

… find out more on May 22, 2013 when the book is released… and in the meantime, remember to enter the Rafflecopter or Goodreads contests to win a copy!!

My Image of Meaghan Rose

This is my image of what Meaghan from The Mermaid looks like. MeaghanRose

She is confident, sure of herself, in touch with her intuition.

A jeweler and a healer, Meaghan is in control – except when she’s not.

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