Irrepressible, enthusiastic and quite imaginative, this is what I think Randy must be like…randy

but with a bit more curly hair, like Dad.

The Beacon – What Darren Costa Looks Like to Me

Oh this is getting excting – nearly finished with the last edits and proofing. I've lived with these characters for a long time now….

Darren Costa is a local who returned to the small coastal village and purchased the Lighthouse Cafe – a small restaurant in town. He has a 7 year old son, Randy, and a crazy ex-wife.

He's a bit of a local history buff and offers to show LIbby some of the sights since she's new to the area.

This is what I think Darren looks like…



The Beacon – What I Think Libby Daniels Looks Like

LIbby Daniels is a freelance journalist. When she was younger she'd planned to be a librarian but decided to use the exotic places she'd been reading about as a springboard to her own adventures.

She's still in love with books, and when she comes across a handwritten diary that's almost a hundred years old, she can't wait to get it home so she can read it.

This is what I envision Libby looking like: