Caroline Dawson Books

About Caroline Dawson (Handwriting Expert):

After a messy divorce, Caroline Dawson pulled up stakes in Boulder, Colorado, and moved to the isolated Northern California coastal town of Dungeness Cove. The only person she knows when she gets there is her niece, Sarah Kingman, a 22 yr old nursing student working at the local hospital.

Before arriving in California, Carrie (as she prefers to be called) was a handwriting expert, working for the District Attorney’s office and various local attorneys. Thanks to the divorce, Carrie is semi-retired. She plans to take a year off, but her handwriting analysis skills are in demand, and she gets dragged into helping to bring closure to cases including blackmail, forgery, murder, and affairs of the heart.


Made For Another (Released 12/23/12)

Sarah Kingman is a 22 year old nursing student who has recently returned to school. She is far from home and lonely for friendship. Until she starts going out with Tony. Maybe her luck has just changed!

1 Script 2 Many (Due for release Summer 2013)

An apparent suicide – with too many questions and too many notes. Police Chief Jack Caldwell makes a special request for Carrie Dawson’s help. But is his interest more than professional?